Black Pepper Chicken Dried Meat 黑胡椒鸡肉干


Using the Sarawak famous black pepper as a natural seasoning, the taste of the traditional chicken dried meat is being sublimated. The smooth and slightly spicy chicken slices will definitely stimulate your taste buds, thus bringing in more followers.

以砂拉越驰名的黑胡椒作调配,让传统的鸡肉干在味觉上顿时升华。 入口柔滑兼稍带辛辣,给您的味蕾带来新刺激,更囊获不少追捧者。


Weight 500 g
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  • 真空包装 Vacuum-packed
  • 1个月保鲜期 Expires in 1 month
  • 选用上等新鲜肉质, 并配以天然香料调制 Uses high quality fresh meat with natural seasoning
  • 营养丰富、低胆固醇、不含反式脂肪、不含硝酸钠 Rich in nutrition, low cholesterol, no trans fat, no sodium nitrate
  • 方便携带 Easy to transport
  • 适合于多种场合食用 Suitable for any occasion at anytime and anywhere
  • 节庆送礼佳品 Great as a snack for events and gift
  • 可随时食用 Ready to eat
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