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Bentong Ginger Powder 文冬姜粉

Ginger has had a long history of curing diseases. Our Bentong ginger powder is made to help dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and speed up human metabolism. It also helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Once taken,  the ginger will help produce heat in your bodies and makes you feel warm. Suitable for many ailments.

一直以来,以姜祛病的保健法已有悠久的历史。姜粉能让身体产生热能,使体内感觉到温热, 这是因为姜粉能扩张血管,加速血液循环和加快人体新陈代谢,更能抗炎镇痛。


Honey Lime 青柠蜜

Our honey lime is made from a mixture of light lime and has a high nutritional value of honey, which helps to relieve throat discomfort and reduce dry throat symptoms.