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Black Pepper Chicken Dried Meat 黑胡椒鸡肉干

Using the Sarawak famous black pepper as a natural seasoning, the taste of the traditional chicken dried meat is being sublimated. The smooth and slightly spicy chicken slices will definitely stimulate your taste buds, thus bringing in more followers.

以砂拉越驰名的黑胡椒作调配,让传统的鸡肉干在味觉上顿时升华。 入口柔滑兼稍带辛辣,给您的味蕾带来新刺激,更囊获不少追捧者。


Chicken Dried Meat 原味鸡肉干

Chicken dried meat is soft and tender. It is easily melt in the mouth. You can feel the delicious chicken fragrance with a slight charcoal roasting smell.



Pork Dried Meat 原味猪肉干

Using high quality pork with a unique seasoning recipe and carefully roast over moderate charcoal fire. Enjoy every slice of our fragrantful dried meat.



Pork Sliced Dried Meat 切片猪肉干

Using high quality pork legs, slice evenly with moderate thickness, marinate, shape and roast manually. Each process is well managed. Sliced meat is always chewy, thus meat lovers will enjoy them most.

选用上好的猪腿肉,原状均匀切片,厚度适中,再以调味腌制、定型,最后进行人工烘烤,每一个过程都经过精心制作。 切片肉干的嚼劲口感独特,绝对能给予嗜肉者最顶级的享受。